Myth 1: GDPR doesn't apply outside of the EU

Evelyn Wolf by Evelyn Wolf   12 Dec


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In our list of top 10 GDPR myths we probably hear this one the most: “If I am (or the HQ of my organisation) based outside of the EU GDPR doesn’t apply.”

This is a big misconception. The GDPR protects European residents, regardless where the data controllers or processors are based. Once a business processes data from data subjects in the European Union the GDPR applies.

In other words, it really doesn’t matter where you or your HQ is based, if you sell products or services to European residents or if you monitor them in some way you have to adhere to the rules.

Just like a business based in the EU, any business outside of the Union is also subject to fines if they don’t adhere to the rules.

Getting to grips with GDPR rules like this one is something you need to do now. The deadline is fast approaching. We’ve put together a plain language GDPR online course for sales & marketing so you can learn about the regulation and how to implement it effectively.



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