10 GDPR Myths

Exploring the 10 most common GDPR myths and how to tackle them.

GDPR Myths fairy tale

On May 25th 2018 the legislation came into force and since then more and more GDPR myths are making the rounds. 

In order to tackle them, you need to understand the plain English background to them, the legal text that backs up the reality and know which steps you need to take next. 

Our comprehensive ebook busts the 10 most common myths in plain English so you can take action today. Some of the Myths we're tackling:

  1. When your HQ is based outside the EU, the GPDR doesn't apply
  2. GDPR is just a concern for legal and IT, not for sales and marketing
  3. The GDPR won't be enforced
  4. I'll solve for the GDPR with a single, all size fits all
  5. The GDPR replaces the 'cookie law'

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