GDPR for Sales and Marketing online course

GDPR is big and complicated but we're breaking down what is is and what you should prioritise as a Marketer or Sales professional.

We're very excited to be launching our beta version of the online course at a 50% discount this December!
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A brief overview of what we'll cover in our online GDPR course:
  • What is privacy and how did we get to this set of privacy laws
  • How do I cover myself and work towards GDPR compliance
  • How can I run successful marketing campaigns under GDPR
  • How can I generate leads under GDPR



What is included

When you sign up you get access to the five modules of the BusinessBrew online course.

  1. Slides of the five modules.
  2. Video recording of the 5 modules for self study.
  3. Access to office hours to ask questions privately.
  4. Access to group sessions for ongoing discussions during the course.
  5. Online goodie bag with relevant links and tools.
  6. GDPR checklist for marketing teams.
  7. GDPR Glossary to make studying easier.
  8. Checklist to write a privacy notice.
  9. GDPR breakdown in Excel.
  10. Example of data mapping, impact assessment under the GDPR.
  11. Data classification template.
  12. Example data protection addendum.

You can follow our course online, study in your own time or join live sessions to ask questions and discuss GDPR with other marketers and sales professionals. We'll share additional worksheets and templates that you can use while working towards your own GDPR compliance.

Frequently asked Questions:

How did you inform yourself about privacy and the GDPR?

BusinessBrew is acredited with an ISO 17024: 2012 certification by the IAPP as Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe. The training and certification for CIPP/E focusses on and demonstrates knowledge on GDPR, PECR and privacy laws in Europe.

Can I get personal help?

Yes you can. We're always happy to answer questions and once you register for the course we'll book a private session for you to ask questions. If you'd like more help, we also offer in house workshops and ongoing consulting if needed.

How do I follow the training?

Once you fill in the form on the right you will be sent to the online course which is hosted on Teachable. Teachable is an online learning system. You can view videos, the slides and any other attachments we've shared in the online goodiebag.

How are you processing payments?

We don't receive any of your credit card information as we manage our payments through Stripe. Once you enroll in the course you can enter your credit card/ debit card information for the secure payment method.

I would like for a number of my colleagues to follow the course, can we do this together?

The online course is designed to work through on your own. If you'd like to involve multiple team members please get in touch with us so we can offer you a team price or discuss a group workshop instead.

Do I have to pay VAT?

VAT gets automatically added based on your location as VAT on online training is mandatory within the EU. You will receive a receipt with VAT specified for your own records and for you to reclaim.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

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