GDPR complexity 

The GDPR is a complex set of rules that commercial teams need to adhere to since May 25th 2018.

You have to ensure that your lead generation and customer marketing funnels are prepared and all your data process are fully compliant. In addition, you need to set up safeguards against personal data breaches and update your existing privacy notification. Getting this right is vital and an expert team can help you achieve compliance more easily.  

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"Nikita took a complex and controversial subject and delivered a laid back, inviting and, of course, informative talk. GDPR is a subject which is filled with ambiguity and therefore her common sense approach was a breath of fresh air. We received great feedback from everyone we spoke to about her talk." Rikke Lear, Director

GDPR Support Services

1 - Data Process Inventory

  • Article 30 of the GDPR speaks about the need to keep records on your data processes.
  • Gain access to an inventory plan built according to best practices.
  • Learn from a certified expert how to identify processes and document these.
  • Ensure your Data Process Inventory is reviewed by a GDPR expert.
  • Outcome: Document your data processing activities in accordance with the legislation and gain a 'state of now' overview.

2 - Gap and Risk Analysis 

  • Based on the Data Process Inventory. 
  • Let an expert identify gaps that you need to close to become compliant.
  • Ensure processes are measured against risk methodologies to identify and flag high-risk processes with your Data Protection Authority.
  • Outcome: Gain a full project plan of GDPR gaps to complete to achieve compliance and ensure that any high-risk processes are properly managed.

3 - GDPR Help Desk

  • Ideal for teams with moderate to high GDPR knowledge. 
  • Virtual help desk hours to answer ad-hoc questions. 
  • Gain reassurance for your GDPR compliance.
  • Outcome: Access to a GDRP safety net as and when you need it.

4 - Custom Consulting & Support

  • Based on your specific needs and may include: 
  • Working as your EU representative.
  • Ongoing compliance management.
  • Outcome: A custom built consulting & support package based fully on your needs. 

5 - Custom On-Demand Training

  • On-demand self-learning video training.
  • Multiple choice knowledge check.
  • Real-life data scenarios from your business.
  • Outcome: Ensure your new hires and all teams are trained on the GDPR.

6 - Custom Workshops

Purpose built for you by certified expert

The BusinessBrew team has been working with inbound marketing for years, both as marketers and as consultants with HubSpot. Early on we realised that gaining a deep understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation and the updated Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation were essential for us as marketing consultants.

The BusinessBrew team members have been trained by the IAPP on the GDPR and Nikita is accredited as a Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe. We're uniquely qualified to advise on how to update your inbound marketing practices and on how to maintain GDPR compliance.   

Getting GDPR ready? 

If you are in the process of getting GDPR ready or have started the process and need that extra bit of support, why not contact us to discuss your needs? 
We'd be delighted to discuss your requirements and find the right level of support for you to ensure your business will be GDPR compliant.