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inbound group coaching for startups on HubSpot Portal Review

Why we offer Group Coaching

Not quite ready to invest

Marketing is a priority and you want to make sure you're off to a right start. You do want input to help you attract the right traffic to your website but you do not have the budget for a personal full day workshop with us. We get it! For HubSpot Jumpstart customers we offer small group coaching sessions where you join a group session, we provide you with a template and you'll receive personal feedback and a personal follow up call. 

Buyer Persona Workshop 

“Why don’t we target everyone? As long as sales come in, does persona matter?” This is probably the question we get asked most and the answer lies within. If you have enough sales, then maybe you have your persona down already. But, most likely, there are not enough sales and simply put, you cannot target everyone because different groups have different needs. A persona is the profile of your ideal custome and should be the base of all your marketing activities.

HubSpot Portal Review Workshop 

Great, you've been using your HubSpot portal for a while now and you think you're getting the right results. You think. It might be time to review all your tactics, generate a full 'so what' report and prioritise which elements you are going to improve on. A portal review allows you to reconsider which stages of the Inbound Methodology are working for you and which are not (yet) delivering the right return on investment.


How does it work?

Group Session

We think there is lots to learn from speaking with other startups working on the same marketing challenges. We start off with a 45 minute webinar together with other startups. The groups are small enough so you can ask questions and large enough to get inspired by the stories of your peers. 

If you prefer to listen to the webinar in your own time and if you do not want to ask questions, you can listen to a recorded version of the webinar. 

At the moment we offer two topics: Persona Builder and HubSpot Portal Review. The Portal review will be effective if you have about 6 months worth of data in your HubSpot portal.


We believe that we should share our knowledge so other businesses can learn and grow. We'll provide you with a template or worksheet so you can get to work on what we've discussed during the webinar with your own team

Feedback and follow up

We won't leave you hanging with your questions. As soon as you complete the worksheet or template you can send it back to us. Share it in the form of a Google Document or Sheet and we'll leave our comments there. We'll point out gaps and identify which parts should be worked on. We'll follow up with a 30 minute personal call where we discuss our comments.

Inbound Marketing Group Coaching Buyer Persona
Startup group coaching hubspot portal review