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Digital marketing can struggle to deliver results. Inbound marketing is the alternative to drive real marketing ROI in your business. 

Digital marketing tools and tactics are often used in isolation and this stops them from having a real impact on the bottom line of your business. Inbound marketing takes digital tools and through an innovative framework allows you to generate visits, leads and customers through your online presence. 

8 modules complete with worksheets and free office hour

BusinessBrew's online course "Inbound Marketing - Get the skills to build effective inbound campaigns" is made up of 8 distinct modules that take you from setting SMART inbound goals to reporting on inbound ROI. Classes include worksheets and helpful guides to ensure that at the end of the course you have all elements prepared to run your first inbound campaign. 

In addition to the online classes and worksheets you will receive a personal office hour. Use it for questions along the way or have one of BusinessBrew's inbound strategists review your campaign plan before you take it live. 

Our modules

Taking you from foundations right through to proving ROI: 

  1. SMART Goals
  2. Persona & Buyer's Journey
  3. Blogging & SEO
  4. Social Media
  5. Conversion Path
  6. Effective Emailing
  7. Sales & Marketing Alignment
  8. Reporting & ROI    

How it works

After you sign up below, we will provide you with videos, worksheets and a contact for your personal office hour. You can take the course at your own pace and we recommend completing the tasks associated with each module before starting the next. 

What is included

The "Inbound Marketing - Get the skills to build effective inbound campaigns" online course includes:                     

    1. Slides of the eight modules.
    2. Video recording of the eight modules for self study.
    3. Personal office hour to discuss your inbound questions or review your inbound marketing campaign.
    4. Online goodie bag with relevant worksheets:
      • Goal setting template
      • Buyer persona questionnaire
      • Content library template
      • On-page SEO checklist
      • Technical SEO checklist
      • Blog editorial calendar 
      • Social media planner
      • Conversion path worksheet
      • Closed loop reporting template             

Frequently asked questions

Is this course for digital marketing beginners? 
While we cover a lot of the basics, you will need knowledge of SEO, an understanding of social media and general online presence management. If you have no experience with digital marketing, this course is probably not for you. 

Where do I take the training? 
Our online courses are hosted on Teachable, an online learning system. You'll be able to easily view videos and slides as well as the worksheets. 

What can I use the free office hour for? 
This is a session with one of BusinessBrew's inbound marketing strategists. You are free to take the hour during the course for questions or hold on to it until the end. We'd be delighted to use the time to review your inbound marketing campaign and provide feedback. 

Who built this course? 
The course was built in collaboration between BusinessBrew and About Inbound. Everyone involved in creating this course is a HubSpot alumni. We brought our experience as well as the expert knowledge of industry leaders together to bring you an actionable training. 

I would like for a number of my colleagues to follow the course, can we do this together?

Even though the online course is designed to work through on your own, we can discuss a team setup. If you'd like to involve multiple team members please get in touch with us so we can offer you a team price or discuss a group workshop instead.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Yes, you do. VAT is mandatory for any online training sold in the EU.VAT gets automatically added based on your location. You will receive a receipt with VAT specified for your own records and for you to reclaim.

Are you processing my payment in a secure way?
We don't process your credit card information ourselves but we use Stripe to safely process your payment. Once you enrol in the course you can enter your credit card/ debit card information for the secure payment method.

Questions & Signing Up 

If you have any questions about our Inbound Marketing online course, please complete the form on the right with your query and we'll get back to you. 
You can also sign up through the form on the right and we will redirect you to Teachable to access the online course. You can join the course there for €99,- and get to work straight away! 

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