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In order for us to build the right online marketing strategy for you we need to fully understand your business. No business is the same and no buyer journey follows the same liniar process. Before we get to work we want to fully understand your business objectives, the current state of your marketing and sales process and where your conversion needs to be optimized. In order for us to be able to recommend the right actions to take we will conduct a marketing strategy review. The Marketing strategy review has three steps:

Step 1:  Discovery Call

Step 2:  Strategy Outline and Persona Definition

Step 3:  Software Demo and Deadlines for Execution


Once we complete these three steps we can recommend the right Marketing Strategy for your business. Navigate to the bottom of the page to request your Marketing Strategy Review.





Buyer Persona Workshop

This workshop will enable you create one or more Buyer Persona to focus your Inbound campaigns. Buyer Persona profiles may start with basic demographics but we will work together to create a full profile. During the workshop we will analyze data from your teams to determine who your ideal client is and we will create a template for Buyer Persona interviews. In a follow up session we will use this data to complete the Buyer Persona profile. 





Buyer Journey and Content Planning Workshop

We create the framework for different content offers at each stage of the Buyer Journey. This extensive workshop will leave you with both a complete plan, ready for you to execute on, as well as best practices for future content creation. During this workshop we will work out a structure which allows you to continuesly add fresh content to your Buyer Journey without duplicating your efforts. 





Additional Services

These workshops are designed to build on top of the Buyer Persona and Buyer Journey workshops. Once the basics are covered we can focus on the next steps. If you have previously completed your Buyer Persona and Buyer Journey we recommend an optimization session prior to any of the additional workshops.
  • Blog topic ideas and blog optimization
  • Adwords and social advertising campaigns
  • Optimizing social accounts and improving social reach
  • Content segmentation and re-enagement
  • Email Campaigns and Newsletters
  • Community management
  • Social promotion plan
  • Conversion optimization
  • Lead nurturing workflow
  • Lead scoring and lifecycle stages
  • Webinar campaign

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