Group Coaching: HubSpot Portal Review Workshop

Why would you need a HubSpot Portal Review?

You've been working away on  your first inbound campaigns and you're starting to see results and leads trickle in. You think you know what works well and what doesn't and you want to understand what you should focus on next. Running one of our HubSpot Portal Reviews will help you prioritise topics for your next campaign.

Is it this workshop for me?

If you have at least 6 months worht of data in your portal this workshop is a good option for you. 

We understand that not all startups have the budget to outsource a full HubSpot Portal Review to us. On the other hand, you do need a bit of help instead of completely DIY-ing your portal review.

What you can expect

When you sign up for this course, you can join a live, online, 45 minute workshop where we discuss how to run a HubSpot Portal Review. There will be a maxium of 10 other startups joining the workshop.

After the workshop you'll receive the informative slides and instructions for the HubSpot Portal Review. You'll also receive buyer persona worksheet with examples for you to copy and make your own. 

Once you finalise your Portal Review Report, you'll submit it to the BusinessBrew team for feedback and critique. Within two weeks we will schedule a feedback call to review our comments and feedback together. 


After signing up we'll be in touch with details for the next workshop. It will be as soon as possible, within one month of signing up.


The cost of the workshop is €150,- for two people in your Startup to join.

If you, after reading the options, do want to know more about a personalised workshop or want more of your team members to join, get in touch and we'll review your options.

Not using HubSpot?

You aren't using the HubSpot marketing tools but you are working on Inbound Marketing campaigns? The portal review might still help you set priorities. Reach out throught he form on the right and we'll be in touch. 


Not quite ready to sign up or you have questions? Don't worry, the form on the right is not binding. Fill it in and we'll get back to you. Alternatively reach out to


 You will receive an invoice before your scheduled workshop, all our services are subject to our terms and conditions.

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