Marketing Tactics in the Age of GDPR

The GDPR is coming into effect in May 2018 and by now many businesses have realised that it's not just a legal and IT job. Marketing and sales tactics going forward will be heavily influenced by the GDPR: 
  • Online lead generation
  • Business development 
  • Processing of data for sales & marketing funnels

And, it's not just EU businesses that have to be aware of this. Any business dealing with EU citizens' data (B2B and B2C) will have to comply. 

We were delighted to team up with Insight Venture Partners to bring you a webinar on the GDPR and which marketing tactics you'll still be able to apply. 

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Marketing Tactics in the Age of GDPR Webinar on Vimeo.

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GDPR is a complex topic with many pitfalls and nuances that marketing and sales have to be aware of. 

If you have specific scenarios in mind or questions about the regulation and how it will apply to your business, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.