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Customer experience is slowly overtaking product and price as key brand differentiator. Think about it, whether as a consumer you buy B2B or B2C, you favour businesses that offer positive experiences during and after the sales process. In the end, people buy from people. For marketers, this means getting the customer journey down and managing it effectively.

What’s the customer journey and how does it fit into inbound?

Often the customer journey and how customers make decisions is confused with how we build our marketing funnel online. The distinction is vital for marketers to understand how people make decisions.


The journey takes buyers through three distinct phases:

  1. Awareness: “I have a problem, let me research it.”
  2. Consideration: “I get what my problem is, now how do I tackle it?”
  3. Decision: “I know what my potential solutions are, now let’s make a choice.”

Think about the last thing you bought. Even for the smallest item, you will have gone through this.

When we understand how our personas make decisions, we can add it to our marketing funnel and create the right content, for the right person at the right time.

How do I take my customer journey management to new heights?

Content that communicates to and engages with your target audience is key to successful customer journey management. To take it to new heights, content needs to include images.

Buzzsumo released two stats on to prove this:

  1. Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without images.
  2. Articles with an image once every 75 - 100 words got double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images.

This shouldn’t be a surprise because the brain processes information from visual content 60 thousand times faster than text. So naturally, it’s easier for your leads to engage with this.

Are you strategically using images to engage with your audience yet?

What are the KPIs that I need to measure along the steps of the journey?

Integrating customer experience in your marketing strategy is crucial to reap the rewards it can bring. Remember, CX is overtaking product and price as key brand differentiator. This means we need to be able to measure it.

There are a variety of customer journey analytics and digital messaging tools that are being used to attract, nurture and ultimately win new clients. Your metrics should examine elements such as:

  • Time taken to contact a new inquiry
  • Time taken to respond to a problem
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Average Net Promoter Score
  • And more

Get down with customer journey management

This is such a hot topic, so BusinessBrew decided to get together with two other experts to offer you a free webinar covering all of the above on November 2nd.

I’ll be tackling how to make sure your journey leads to a destination and the basics you need for successful customer journey. And, I’m delighted to be joined by:

Claire O’Brien, Marketing Manager at Design Wizard, who will walk you through how to use effective images to take your customer journey to the next level.

And Maricka Burke-Keogh, Head of Digital Marketing at Altocloud, who will tie it all together discussing how you can measure for success and achieve customer retention in the process.

Sounds great, but not able to attend on November 2nd?

Not to worry, simply register for the webinar so we know you are interested in the content. We’ll share the recording with you after the event.

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