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We get involved in your business on a deep level. Often asking difficult questions and pointing out gaps. This helps us deliver inbound marketing success. Check out what some of our clients had to say. 
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Buyer Persona Development & Workshop

“When I first joined Solvar I was clearly aware our Marketing Strategy required refinement and with that in mind I sorted the expert opinion of BusinessBrew. Evelyn & Nikita were so professional in guiding our organisation through the areas of opportunities  which were to clearly define our B2B & B2C personas. Nikita & Evelyn conducted an engaging workshop with our organisation and were able to create a number of personas, which we now utilise for product & content development. Our customer enquiries doubled immediately. Within 6 weeks after the workshop we leveraged the persona research in changing the conversation with our retailers and were able to prominently display our brand in their store, something we haven't been able to do before." Ben De Amicis, Head of Sales & Marketing - Ireland and Europe

Varnish - HubSpot Portal Review

HubSpot Portal Review

"The inbound marketing methodology has been at the core of what we do for five years and we've been using the Hubspot marketing platform for four years. We realised we needed to get an outside-in viewpoint on the processes our team has spent years on. Business Brew's third party perspective and their help with identifying gaps in our marketing processes and workflows were extremely valuable to help us identify "blind spots". Hildur Smaradottir, VP Marketing

Get Focused - Inbound Marketing Collaboration

Agency Collaboration

"Business Brew are exceptional when it comes to strategic thinking and alignment around a Go-To-Market strategy. I've both Nikita and Evelyn for many years and I often invoke their on critical projects where impact is of primary concern. For example, a particular client was able to generate 17.4% of their annual leads in a single month thanks to their strategic involvement. I value their critical thinking and moreover their exceptional ability to execute on each and every project we've worked on." Ross Lauder, Director


Charity Labs Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy

“I needed a fresh eye and some outside expertise to review our marketing activity. I contracted BusinessBrew in January 2016 to our audience, build customer personas and develop a plan for inbound marketing. Since then, I’ve been able to increase site traffic by 33% and double my mailing list.” Jean O'Brien, Founder

Deep dive into our work with Jean.  Check out the full case study here

Persona Development 

''Evelyn and Nikita are an amazing team and fantastic resource when trying to build your business. While trying to increase productivity and using my time as efficiently as possible, I have been struggling to try to find the right way to target my audience and even more so, trying to figure out who my audience is. When you are getting started, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done and everything you are excited about. While meeting with Evelyn and Nikita, I could feel all the clutter in my brain getting organised and turning into a neatly organised source of useful information. They are the best!'' Anneloes Silvertand, Founder

HYPE Innovation - Inbound Competitor Analysis

Inbound Competitor Analysis

"BusinessBrew’s competitive analysis was an insightful and actionable piece of work. We quickly got a level of insight that would otherwise have taken us a lot of time and energy to achieve. It was also highly practical with recommended actions for us to follow. For a marketing team working on many fronts, always short on time, BusinessBrew is a great help to us.”  Tim Woods, VP of Marketing

I started working with BusinessBrew because my marketing was stalling. In the first quarter of 2017, I was doing the same as last year (always a bad idea) and getting dramatically less results. My visits were down 20-40% over the previous year every month.
Evelyn and Nikita made an initial assessment including a plan of action that we have been implementing over the last months. They provided me with a mix of coaching, prodding, strategic marketing consulting but also hands-on work where I was either technically out of my league or the at my limits time-wise.
The results came in last month: visits up by 42.83% over last year and new contacts by 25%.
I recommend Evelyn and Nikita to all ambitious HubSpot marketers who either want to reach the next level or feel overwhelmed with keeping up the numbers."
Thomas Witt
Founder, Thomas Witt Consulting GmbH

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