Two HubSpotters

That's right. The BusinessBrew team first got together at HubSpot's own customer service team. We managed hundreds of HubSpot portals across countries, industries, both B2B and B2C and we continue to leverage HubSpot's marketing and sales solutions for our customers.

We're not HubSpot resellers

We love the HubSpot community and we decided to play an active role in this community as BusinessBrew. However, we decided to stay impartial by not becoming HubSpot resellers. We want to be able to give you advice on your marketing solutions without having personal benefit by recommending HubSpot. We're happy to connect you with trusted resellers if you wish.


Do you qualify for the HubSpot Startup Programme?

We are HubSpot Startup Partners

HubSpot offers an unique solution for Startups. We're no resellers but we are approved Startup Partners. This means that eligible startups working with us can apply for one of the two HubSpot for Startup packages.  

The Growth Package is for startups that are ready to scale their business. This package will help you increase traffic, generate and track leads, automate marketing, and prove ROI. Features include SEO, landing pages, dynamic forms, email marketing automation, robust analytics, lead scoring, deep lead intelligence, and more. Together, these features help you to acquire customers, faster. The Growth Package includes a 90% scholarship in the first 12 months, and a 50% scholarship in the next 12 months.

The Starter Package is for startups not yet ready for HubSpot’s Professional or Enterprise plans, but are looking to generate and track leads and monitor their activity in one place. Sync your existing website forms and set up new lead capture forms on your website in minutes and see what pages your leads are visiting to help sell and market better, faster. The Starter Package includes a 90% scholarship for the first 12 months.

Startup Inbound Coaching

Training can get pricey for startups but it's vital to get your inbound foundations strong and supporting your growth. For HubSpot Jumpstart customers we offer small group coaching sessions where you join a group session, we provide you with materials and you'll receive personal feedback and a personal follow up call. 

Learn more about our Group Coaching Session

Optimise your HubSpot portal

You already have a HubSpot licence? We'll review your portal and share the recommendations with you. We can create a custom project where we will implement the changes needed to get the most out of your current setup.

Run your own Inbound Review  [Checklist]

Copenhagen HUG

HUGs for everyone! HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) are for HubSpot users and inbound enthusiasts alike. BusinessBrew is delighted to organise the Copenhagen HUG where we discuss the newest developments in the inbound world. If you'd like to be kept up to date on our next HUG, sign up here. 

Get your October CPH  HUG slides here
Get your June CPH  HUG slides here

HubSpot features



Whether you want to host your entire website, only your blog or landing pages, you can leverage HubSpot's CMS system with easy drag and drop functionality. Publish good looking blogs or effective landing pages.



Manage your contacts database by segmenting lists for hyper targeted campaigns. Review all information you've gathered on specific contacts as well as a timeline of your interactions with them.

marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Tailor conversion paths based on your lead's behaviour and close more deals. Guide leads to the right content show them the right offers and send them the right emails at the right time.



Reasearch your keywords and optimise your blog posts, landing pages and website pages as you go with the integrated SEO solutions. Keep track of the impact of your work through integrated tracking.

Social Media

Social Media

Monitor relevant conversations as well as brand mentions. Schedule your posts across networks and publish them when the right audience sees them.



Build attractive email templates, leverage your content information to personalise your emails and track performance for increased conversion.



By integrating your sales and marketing stack you simplify the lead management process across departments. Ensure all leads are managed correctly whether it's by your sales or marketing team. Alternatively sync contacts with SFDC.



Through closed loop reporting you will be able to truly track your marketing efforts and drive optimisation where necessary. Assess campaign performance, optimise your landing pages and call to actions or build reports that are easy to read.

Hubspot Insights

If you are interested in reading more about inbound marketing and what it can do for your business, check out our HubSpot blog topcis and subscribe to updates below. 

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