GDPR doesn't mean the end of lead generation

When it comes to the GDPR many sales and marketing teams feel like proverbial deer in the headlights. We know it's coming, we know it's going to be big and we we are paralysed with worry. Worry that we will not be able to communicate with leads. Worry of having to delete a large proportion of our database. Worry that we won't be successful going forward. Deep breath, it's going to be okay.  

Our GDPR Workshop is purpose built for sales and marketing to discuss not just the legislation but also how teams will continue to be successful and compliant:  

GDPR workshop goals
  1. Educate sales and marketing teams on what GDPR compliance means.

  2. Introduce sales and marketing teams to the changes that you and your team have already put in place or will be working on.

  3. Show how your team can work with the GDPR and be successful.


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"Working with BusinessBrew, providing knowledgeable and tangible commercial context on a complex matter such as the GDPR, has given our clients valuable insights into a practical approach for their own businesses. We look forward to work together again in the future!"

Peter Sterkenburg, CIPP/E Certified Customer Success Lead at Leadfeeder

What you will learn during the GDPR workshop

1 - So what’s GDPR?

  • An overview of the GDPR.
  • An explanation of why it’s necessary and unavoidable.
  • An outline of how the GDPR will be enforced.
  • Outcome: Understanding of the regulation, consequences and why GDPR is needed.

2 - GDPR and what it means for sales & marketing

  • Going beyond legal and IT systems. 
  • An outline of what elements of the GDPR will affect sales & marketing.
  • Practical examples of the GDPR applied.
  • Outcome: Understanding of how the regulation affects not just legal and IT, but anyone touching data.

3 - What have you already implemented?

  • Status of work done so far and how this impacts sales & marketing.
  • Practical examples of work before and after GDPR measures.
  • Outline of practices currently running that you may not realise are compliant and can be continued as they are.  
  • Outcome: Understanding of what your team has already achieved, what is still to come and how the changes affected teams.

4 - How to comply with GDPR and still be successful

  • Working through your potential sales and marketing scenarios (e.g. networking events, ebook downloads).
  • Demonstrating the benefits GDPR has on lead quality as well as other aspects of sales & marketing.
  • GDPR knowledge check (i.e. groups working on solutions to potential scenarios).
  • Outcome: Understanding of how the GDPR will practically be applied and its benefits so that the team can get to work motivated.

Purpose built for you 

Workshop preparation

The workshop preparation starts with you. We meet either virtually or in person prior to the workshop day to go through your marketing and sales funnel. This allows us to "translate" the legislation to your specific use case, make it digestible for your team and concentrate on your ongoing success.

In addition, we will ask you how you currently collect leads and handle these. You'll be surprised at how many of your processes may already be compliant! 

Workshop delivery

The workshop will be delivered at your offices as a full day workshop.  

Our workshops are active discussions with up to 15 participants. We do not want to hold a lecture on GDPR. This means plenty of engagement with the team such as providing them with scenarios and getting them to think through GDPR application for sales and marketing. We actively encourage pushback so that we can discuss solutions that will not impact on the success of your teams.

Combining inbound marketing and GDPR training

The BusinessBrew team has been working with inbound marketing for years. Early on we realised that gaining a deep understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation was essential for us as marketing consultants.

While we are not legal experts and cannot provide legal advice, we undertook training with the IAPP which focusses on and demonstrates knowledge of GDPR and privacy laws in Europe. 

Get in touch to talk about your GDPR needs

We understand that the journey to GDPR compliance looks different for each business.
Get in touch with us and we'll find a time to discuss how BusinessBrew can support your sales and marketing teams in becoming GDPR compliant.