GDPR sales and marketing workshop

GDPR requires not only understanding from everyone involved in handling data but also buy-in across your organisation. In particular, sales & marketing will have a difficult time to adopt these changes as it seems that GDPR is making communication with leads nearly impossible. The three topics outlined below are geared towards explaining GDPR, showing that parts have been implemented and it wasn’t too painful and most importantly demonstrate how your team will continue to market and close deals in a compliant world.

GDPR workshop goals
  1. Educate sales and marketing teams on what GDPR and PECR compliance means and potential consequences of not adhering to the rules.

  2. Introduce sales and marketing teams to the changes that you and your team have already put in place or will be working on.

  3. Show how your team can work with GDPR and PECR and be successful.

Workshop Preparation

Our preparation will include “translating” the legislation to your specific use case and making it digestible for non-legal staff. We will bring examples from your industry and leaders in the space.

In addition, we want to show what your team has already been working on with regards to the implementation. During the preparation phase, we will work closely with your team to showcase your work.

The final piece of the workshop is to provide your teams with helpful tips on how they can continue to be successful. For example, it would entail how to handle contacts received at a tradeshow, how to reach on LinkedIn etc. If you want to review your own inbound marketing practices before the workshop, we can, of course, assist you with this.

Workshop Delivery

The workshop will be delivered in your offices, it will be a full day workshop, 9.30 am to 5 pm.

Our workshops are active discussions. We do not want to hold a lecture on GDPR. This means plenty of engagement with the team such as providing them with scenarios and getting them to think through GDPR application for sales and marketing (knowledge check - can you apply what you’ve learnt). We experience a lot of pushback especially from sales teams and don’t expect your team to be much different. We encourage that pushback openly so that we can discuss solutions that will not impact on the success of your teams.

Combining inbound marketing and GDPR ISO Certification

The BusinessBrew team has been working with inbound marketing for years, both as marketers and as consultants with HubSpot. Early on we realised that gaining a deep understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation and the updated Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation were essential for us as marketing consultants. We are acredited with an ISO 17024: 2012 certification by the IAPP as Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe. The training and certification for CIPP/E focusses on and demonstrates knowledge on GDPR, PECR and privacy laws in Europe. We're uniquely qualified to advice how to update your inbound marketing practices and on how to be GDPR compliant to avoid fines and other regulatory measures that can be imposed on you by the European Commision.

What you will learn during the GDPR workshop

Section 1 - So what’s GDPR?

  • An overview of the GDPR.
  • An overview of the (proposed) 2017 changes to PECR, European ePrivacy law.
  • An explanation of why it’s necessary and coming now.
  • An outline of how GDPR will be enforced.
  • Outcome: Understanding of the regulation, consequences and why GDPR is needed.

Section 2 - GDPR and what it means for sales & marketing

  • An outline of what elements of GDPR and PECR will affect sales & marketing.
  • Practical examples of GDPR and PECR applied.
  • Outcome: Understanding of how the regulation affects not just legal and IT, but anyone touching data.

Section 3 - What have you already implemented?

  • Status of work done so far and how this impacts sales & marketing.
  • Practical examples of work before and after GDPR measures.
  • Outcome: Understanding of what your team has already achieved, what is still to come and how the changes affected teams.

Section 4 - How to comply with GDPR and still be successful

  • Working through potential scenarios (e.g. networking events, trade shows, book downloads)
  • Demonstrating the benefits GDPR has on lead quality as well as other aspects of sales & marketing
  • GDPR and PCER knowledge check (i.e. groups working on solutions to potential scenarios)
  • Outcome: Understanding of how GDPR will practically be applied and the benefits so that the team can get to work motivated.

Get in touch to talk about your GDPR needs

We understand that the journey to GDPR compliance looks different for each business. Get in touch with us and we'll find a time to discuss how BusinessBrew can support you in helping your sales and marketing teams become GDPR compliant.