Myth 10: There is no plain language GDPR help for marketers

Evelyn Wolf by Evelyn Wolf   22 Dec


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The GDPR is all about using plain language to explain how data is collected, stored and used to our audiences. Yet, the legal text is hard to understand...strange, right?

As a marketer you will not get around the legal text. You do need to read it and understand it. This is where our own GDPR journey started. It lead to Nikita becoming ISO certified so that we could give solid advice to our clients. Little did she know that she would have to “translate” GDPR into “normal” speak for me!

We’ve taken these GDPR “translations” and turned them into blog articles, workshops, consultancy and of course our GDPR online course so as a marketer you can get the right information in an understandable fashion.


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