Myth 2: GDPR is for IT and Legal

Evelyn Wolf by Evelyn Wolf   13 Dec


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Our second myth deals with the misconception that your IT and legal teams will look after GDPR. That is not quite true.

Legal and IT do play a big part in getting GDPR compliance right. But essentially any department in your organisation that handles personal data has to adhere to the rules. As marketers, we have to be very aware because we collect and work with personal data of prospects, leads and customers all day long.

A concrete example of how the GDPR will directly affect your marketing teams is your privacy documentation: You have to tell your data subjects in clear and understandable language what you plan to do with their data.

There are also articles which state that the language you use in your privacy documentation has to be plain English and understandable to your audience. Legal is a great source to verify but no-one speaks the language of your audience clearer than marketing, right?

Getting your privacy documentation right is one step of many that marketing has to take in order to be compliant.



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