Myth 9: GDPR is a drag no one needs

Evelyn Wolf by Evelyn Wolf   22 Dec


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There are specific reasons why GDPR is coming into effect and why it’s needed. Put your consumer hat on for a second or have a look in your inbox and count the spammy emails you received in the last few days...GDPR is about being respectful to our data subjects.

At BusinessBrew we are marketing geeks and love a good challenge. In fact, I remember being challenged from traditional marketing to digital marketing. And when that didn’t work anymore I tackled the challenge of becoming an inbound marketer. The GDPR is an evolution of how we communicate with our audience. Not to dissimilar to the evolution away from interruptive tactics to inbound, right?

If you are an inbound marketer you already believe in selling to your audience on their terms. This is simply putting legal structures around it. You need to learn about the GDPR and implement it, step by step.


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