Guest blog for About Inbound: Opt-in and storing data under the GDPR

Nikita Smits by Nikita Smits   07 Dec



We recently shared a guest blog with Vourneen Taylor from About Inbound. Vourneen is a rocking inbound marketing consultant and we were lucky enough to work with her when we still worked at HubSpot. It’s been amazing to see our friends move on and start their own businesses and we’re very excited to follow About Inbound.

We shared how important it is to manage your opt-ins correctly under the GDPR to make sure that you are allowed to send your contacts emails.

The need for an opt-in isn’t new and has been long specified in the ePrivacy law. However, the GDPR does have a few specific requirements that you have to adhere to. Your opt-in should be specific and freely given and it should be separate from any other contracts you have with an individual. It should also be as simple to opt-out as it was to opt-in.

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Nikita Smits

Written by Nikita Smits

Marketing strategist and GDPR specialist. Nikita was one of the founding members of BusinessBrew but is currently working as a digital marketing specialist at a Copenhagen startup.