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We've talked about figuring out where to start with your inbound efforts on this blog before. You don't always have to start with 'attract'. When we get to work with a new business that has already implemented the inbound methodology and (often) the HubSpot software we start with a full inbound or portal review. Reviewing your HubSpot portal should be done along the structure of the inbound marketing methodology so you can critically assess all elements that together make up your marketing strategy.

ROI through HubSpot portal review

Many HubSpot portals are not fully utilised (it’s a massive toolbox!) and even if they are, it’s difficult to stay on top of gaps. A portal review can be a great way to start working with a new marketing hire your team has brought on board or it can be a good way to kick off a collaboration with an external party such as an agency. The goal is to prioritise tasks that have will help you to get a solid return on your investment on the HubSpot software. Over the past several years we at BusinessBrew have had the chance to work with hundreds of HubSpot clients and we finally turned these insights into a checklist for you to run your own portal review. 

A hands-on to-do list

The portal review checklist helps you to review your portal under the inbound methodology: attract - close - convert and delight. The outcome should be a hands-on to-do list that your team can work with. We want to be sure that you not only have clear to-do’s but also leave your team with instructions on how to execute them (and why!).

A full portal review contains but is not limited to the following elements:

  • Persona review
  • Buyer journey review
  • Attract: SEO, blogging and social media
  • Convert: conversion paths, CTA design and language, form design and landing pages
  • Close: Emails, subscriptions, workflows - design, language, frequencies
  • Delight: customer engagement
  • Priorities for your team

 If you want to use this portal review for a new hire, make sure to link to relevant external resources such as the HubSpot academy in the various chapters. This way the portal review becomes a learning asset as well as a task list for your new team member. 

Portal review feedback

We're delighted that we've had the chance to run a portal review recently for Varnish Software. The Varnish team has been using HubSpot for a long time and we'd consider them power users. By running through all the elements of the portal review they've managed to create a project plan that their own team could work through.

"The inbound marketing methodology has been at the core of what we do for five years and we've been using the Hubspot marketing platform for four years. We realised we needed to get an outside-in viewpoint on the processes our team has spent years on building. Business Brew's third party perspective and their help with identifying gaps in our marketing processes and workflows was extremely valuable to help us identify "blind spots".

Hildur Smaradottir, VP Marketing, Varnish Software

Implementation of strategic advice

Keep in mind that by running the portal review, you're not creating a report. Yes, you'll likely create a document that you can share with your colleagues but the ultimate goal should be a lists of tasks that are prioritised correctly. The report itself can be a great way to communicate the need for resources to various stakeholders in your organisation. By linking the report to current results and including potential improvements you can showcase the impact the execution will have on the organisation's bottom line.

Not using HubSpot?

You love the idea of a full portal review but you are using other tools? No problem,  we are not married to one solution and the portal review guidebook we created can be used when you use other solutions as well. We refer to the various steps of the inbound marketing methodology rather than just the software.

Let’s get to work!

To get started, download the portal review guidebook and take the time to critically assess all your assets starting with your buyer persona. If you want an outside eye on this, do get in touch as we'd be happy to help.



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