We buy differently today

Most buyer’s journeys today start with Google. Buyers search and research, they will ask friends, family and colleagues for advice on social media, consume relevant content and most of this happens online. By the time they speak to the seller their minds are 90% made up.

Interruptive messaging doesn’t fit into this new style of buying. This is why we as marketers need to be informative with the right messages to the right person at the right time. We need to sell on the buyers’ terms - not ours. 


The Inbound Marketing Methodology

The inbound marketing strategy follows a tried and tested methodology.

This methodology helps you understand the buyer’s journey from stranger to promoter, the stages of the funnel and the tools you need to apply at each stage.

Together with setting SMART goals, identifying your personas and effective reporting, you will be able to sell on your buyers’ terms and improve your conversion rates dramatically.

BB Inbound funnel.png

Inbound Funnel Stages

Top of the Funnel - Attract

You need to attract the right audience to your site. To ensure you have the right foundation your technical and on-page SEO need to be reviewed to ensure you meet search engines standards. Based on your keywords you then begin to create relevant content which you promote through social media and organic SEO. 

Middle of the Funnel - Convert

Once the right audience has found your site, we need to consider how you convert these to leads. It is often not enough to have a “request quote” button, a relationship must be established. To do so we create a combination of CTAs (Call to Action buttons), landing pages, forms and lists.

Bottom of the Funnel - Close

Now, your audience has turned into a lead and we need to focus on converting this lead into a customer. Ongoing nurturing through emails and workflows as well as prioritisation using lead scoring and a possible integration with your CRM system help you close these leads into customers.

Customer Marketing

Often forgotten but vital: closed customers! You have relationships with existing customers and partners and we want to be sure that you have a strategy in place to continuously engage with existing customers, build relationships with new customers and drive word of mouth online.

Is it not just digital marketing?

The tools are the same but the methodology is different. The ultimate goal for inbound marketing is the sum of your digital efforts: delighted customers. Take a deep dive into the differences.

Inbound Transformation

When an entire organisation focusses on the inbound marketing approach it becomes more customer centric and successful. BusinessBrew offers custom consulting to tranform your marketing and business. 


Inbound for Startups

Inbound marketing is an ideal way for startups to attract the right audience at the right time. BusinessBrew specialises on creating playbooks for startups to kickstart their marketing efforts. 


Inbound for Agencies

We help marketing agencies embrace inbound marketing. Whether this means working with you on your client projects or transforming the way your agency does business. 


Inbound Workshops

Upskill your team and find out where your conversion funnel gaps are with a customised workshop. BusinessBrew can help you define your personas, build buyer's journeys and more. 


Inbound Insights

If you are interested in reading more about inbound marketing and what it can do for your business, check out our inbound marketing blogs and subscribe to updates below. 

Inbound Resources

We've put together a few helpful resources to help you on your inbound journey. 

Reporting Template

Get your inbound reporting right with our free template. 

Download your Closed Loop  Reporting Template here

Lead Scoring Template

Understand your leads better through our free lead scoring template.

Access your Lead Scoring Template here

Get more out of HubSpot

Learn how to review your HubSpot portal to identify inbound gaps.

Download your HubSpot Portal  Review Guidebook here

Are you ready for Inbound? 

Inbound marketing takes time and effort. You need to set goals, understand your buyers and be committed to content creation, reporting and actively engaging with prospects. 
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