It's personal

This is a very personal page to us. It gives us an opportunity to share a bit more about BusinessBrew’s mission. More importantly, you get to know us a little more and see whether we are the right fit for your business.


How it started

Nikita Wedding.png

“I think I’m going to start an inbound agency for startups.” “You are crazy.” That is the gist of a 20 minute conversation in Autumn 2016 where Nikita talked Evelyn nearly out of starting BusinessBrew. Her arguments were good; the loss of security of a steady job (talk to any female entrepreneur with a wish for a family and you get it), startups won’t have any budget, there are other agencies out was a convincing list. One of the main points was whether working alone was a good idea. A couple of minutes after we hung up the phone, Nikita called again: “I’m in.”

None of the arguments against starting a business lived up against the benefits of building one:

  • We are marketing geeks - this is our passion
  • We get excited about startups
  • We believe models in (some) agencies and how marketing is hired for are broken
  • We love our life and our work (in that order)

We finalised the details during Nikita’s wedding.

We are not an agency

After our first year in business we realised a few things, the first, we are not an agency. Traditionally, agencies are geared towards reselling software and retainer models. This is not us.

BusinessBrew wants to upskill your team, inject sound strategy that is easily implementable and set you on a road to running inbound marketing yourself. In the end, it’s you who should be communicating with your audience, not us. More on this here

That doesn’t mean we won’t help you on an ongoing basis. We provide support and trust that our results mean you will call on us for all your marketing strategy and campaign planning.

We drive solutions and not contracts.

We love what we do

We are passionate about inbound marketing and doing it right. The expansion into GDPR was logical, if you want to market the right way, you need to know this stuff.

If you’ve spoken to us or any of our clients, you may have heard that we refuse work when we feel an organisation is not ready for inbound. “No persona = no joy” is another one of our mantras. Only when the structures to achieve success are in place will we happily send you a proposal. If not, we’ll let you know what you need to commit to and get you on the right path.

There is nothing better for us than to see projects we’ve worked on come to fruition.

Actually, let’s change that heading, we love when our clients love what we do.

We grow

And goodness have we grown since we started on this journey! From being an agency to becoming solution driven, from starting on strategy to growing into workshops, courses and other delivery methods.

We won’t stop and hope we can help your organisation grow with us.

Contact us

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