Inbound Marketing and GDPR Guides, Templates & Checklists 

Run a HubSpot Portal Review

If you are a HubSpot user, you are looking to improve your inbound marketing tactics and don't know where to get started, then this guidebook is for you. We've outlined how to tackle each stage in the inbound methodology and tie it to HubSpot portals. 

Download your HubSpot Portal  Review Guidebook here

Get ready for GDPR

If you are not sure whether you are allowed to contact the people in your database after May 2018, then you need this GDPR checklist. The actions are geared at making marketing teams to help them become GDPR compliant.  

Download your GDPR  Checklist here

Get Inbound Marketing reporting right

Marketing should not be considered as the "pretty picture" department. Get your marketing stats right and link them to revenue with our free closed loop reporting template. 

Download your Closed Loop  Reporting Template here

GDPR Privacy Notice Checklist

Use this checklist to help you update your privacy notice on your website in time for the GDPR deadline in May 2018.

Get your Privacy Notice Checklist here

Working on your customer journey

A persona is not enough. You need to understand how they buy. In this recorded webinar learn what a buyer journey is, how to use visuals effectively, measure and focus on the customer experience. 

Watch the Customer  Journey Webinar here

GDPR Glossary

Understand all terms and abbriavations we use when we talk about the General Data Protection Regulation or the GDPR.

Download your GDPR Glossary here

Lead Scoring Template in Sheets

Even without lead scoring software you should track the fit of your leads based on behaviour and fit. Download the free leadscoring template and make it your own.

Access your Lead Scoring Template here

Events and HubSpot User Groups 

HUG June 2017

Did you miss our Copenhagen HUG event in June 2017? Catch up on the 8 common mistakes on Adwords (and how to tackle these) as well as closing the gap between MQL and SQL using workflows and Smarketing. 

Get your June CPH  HUG slides here

HUG October 2017

Download the slides from the October HubSpot User group in Copenhagen. Look into Growth Driven design, how to leverage social data and the future of SEO. 

Get your October CPH  HUG slides here

Any questions on resources? 

If you have any questions regarding any of the downloads, just get in touch with us. We'd be happy to walk you through our guides and templates or give you a recap of our events.