Customer Experience

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator (*Walker Info).

Inbound marketing allows us to put the customer at the centre of all we do and enables them to buy on their terms; not ours. But when we truly want to put the customer experience at our core, then it has to be an organisational choice, not just marketing.


Inbound Transformation

Closest to our customer is the understanding of who they are (Persona) and how they buy (Buyer’s Journey). Marketing takes this knowledge to build a sound inbound marketing strategy to match the persona and their particular journey. The strategy should attract the right audience, convert them them to leads, close them to customers and delight them to becoming promoters.  

Product teams should take note to develop innovations based on persona needs. While finance and data teams can utilise data gathered during the buyer journey to better forecast revenue and pipelines.

Being customer centric means selling on the customer’s terms. It makes sense that the delivery of your product or service fits with the learnings from inbound marketing. This means support and distribution efforts should match the customer’s expectations.

Account based marketing, recurring revenue, upselling & cross selling all depend on the relationship built with a customer and their experience with your product. To facilitate fruitful relationships, operations, sales and marketing must fully understand the customer, their journey and needs on a longterm basis.

How BusinessBrew supports inbound transformation


Transforming a business to a customer centric organisation evolving around data and inbound marketing isn’t something you do overnight. Often, the process starts with marketing who realise that the old way of doing things isn’t working anymore and are looking to change.

BusinessBrew offers workshops to build personas, buyer’s journeys and facilitate transformation within your business. Our consulting services build approaches to applying customer centric strategy throughout your marketing that affect the entire organisation.

Isn’t it simply digital transformation?

Digital transformation is often thought of as leveraging technology to enable innovation. Whether this is around digital marketing, operations, customer experience, product development, sales or any other function in a business. So yes, there are similarities.

The differences are subtle, the inbound transformation approach BusinessBrew offers is based fully around the customer and the inbound marketing approach. Tools and software to implement are secondary to the approach. The transformation occurs in the strategic thinking of an organisation and leveraging customer data.

"When I first joined Solvar I was clearly aware our Marketing Strategy required refinement and with that in mind I sorted the expert opinion of BusinessBrew. Evelyn & Nikita were so professional in guiding our organisation through the areas of opportunities which were to clearly define our B2B & B2C personas. Evelyn & Nikita conducted an engaging workshop with our organisation and were able to create a number of personas, which we now utilise for product & content development. Our customer enquiries doubled immediately. Within 6 weeks after the workshop we leveraged the persona research in changing the conversation with our retailers and were able to prominently display our brand in their store, something we haven't been able to do before."
Ben De Amicis 
Head of Sales & Marketing - Ireland and Europe, Solvar 

Looking to transform your business?

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