When a great opportunity comes knocking - Best of luck, Nikita!

Nikita Smits by Nikita Smits   28 Mar


Best of luck Nikita

In 2016 Evelyn and I had an interesting conversation. Evelyn called me with a great business idea of providing inbound marketing services to startups. I outlined all the risks to her and we finished up our conversation. Then, I called her back suggesting we’d dive into this adventure together. In our mission we explain that BusinessBrew was built because two friends and marketeers saw a valuable opportunity and by chance, were in a position to take that opportunity together. 

And what an adventure it has been! From the moment we decided to start BusinessBrew (the evening before my wedding), to boarding a plane from Copenhagen to Dublin to sit down and define our business goals (which we hit the quarter I left on maternity leave!) and working with our very first retainer client (Thank you for your trust, Thomas Witt! And to all our great clients since!) to selling workshops to large enterprises. We always said we started BusinessBrew because we love our life and our work, and BusinessBrew enabled us to do exactly that.

Evelyn Wolf Nikita Smits-JoergensenHowever, circumstances change and new, exciting opportunities come up. When I did come across such a great opportunity recently, I decided to take it. This means that I’m moving on from BusinessBrew this month. I’m still passionate about inbound and startups, and don’t even get me started on GDPR and marketing! I will continue working in this field and I’ll continue asking one the best marketers out there (AKA Evelyn Wolf) for help and advice.

I’ll be closing my BusinessBrew email account soon but if we haven’t already, please connect with me on LinkedIn so we can stay in touch.

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Nikita Smits

Written by Nikita Smits

Marketing strategist and GDPR specialist. Nikita was one of the founding members of BusinessBrew but is currently working as a digital marketing specialist at a Copenhagen startup.